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Strategy development: new paths to sustainable growth for road builder

How do you manage day-to-day business and conscientiously build your long-term strategy? This requires a clear vision, focus, discipline and a clear plan as a management team. Thanks to OGSM, Road Specialties has a strategy roadmap with a sustainable future as its destination.

The challenge


Road construction must make the transition to sustainable and digital business operations and develop innovative sustainable products. In addition, the sector has to deal with a tight labor market, new laws and regulations, strong competition, rising raw material prices and ever higher quality requirements. As a board of directors, how do you ensure that you continue to work structurally on the long-term vision, growth and innovation? While you seem to spend almost all of your time managing projects, improving efficiency and maintaining employee satisfaction?  

The solution


Together with the management, we have developed the strategic plan for 2023-2026 in several steps based on the OGSM model. We started with a qualitative research which resulted in a SWOT analysis. We looked at the current organization and future market demand. It became clear where improvements had to be made within the organization in order to improve the quality and efficiency of the core activities. It also became clear where the organization had to innovate in order to match the product and service offering to future sustainable demand. In joint sessions, the ambition and strategy were determined, as well as financial and operational goals. This translated into twenty concrete strategic initiatives, including ownership and timelines. 

The result


It is difficult for every management to manage the day-to-day business and at the same time innovate the organization. Thanks to OGSM, Road Specialties has a clear roadmap with priorities where and how it wants to grow, in both the Road Construction branch and the Specialties branch. In addition, Road Specialties has concrete ambitions and plans to professionalize, make the organization more sustainable and digitize, and there are initiatives to prepare people and the organization for the future. With the OGSM model and communication plan, the management structurally plans time in the agenda for the further development of the strategy, the involvement of the organization and timely adjustments.  

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