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The WhatMatterZ Team

Within WhatMatterZ we work with a team of management consultants, professionals, interim consultants and partners. With our proven managerial and operational experience, we seamlessly transition between our clients' management and operations, building bridges between vision, strategy, plan and execution. 


Erwin Zijlstra

Organizational and communication strategist

Erwin is a strategic sparring partner for strategy development, transformation processes, reputation management, ESG and corporate communication. His knowledge of business management, human behavior and marketing enables him to build bridges between commerce, internal business operations, customers and external stakeholders.

Alexander van 't Riet

Business and Organization Strategist

Alexander advises boards of directors on strategy development, business development and during mergers and acquisitions. Alexander held various international management positions as general manager and director of marketing & sales in the manufacturing industry and FMCG. Most recently, he was CEO of a consumer drinking water brand in the Middle East.

Andrew Maxwell.jpg

Andrew Maxwell

Corporate Communication & Change Management

The Irish Andrew is our communication and change strategist. Andrew has a background in Telecom and High Tech (Vodafone and ASML) and the manufacturing industry. Andrew advises our international clients and develops strong internal and external communications. As a WhatMatterZ NewsRoom manager, he is responsible for content strategy and development at our clients.

Andrew Maxwell.jpg

Gustavo Jorge Perez

Digital Corporate Communication & Design Specialist

Our Spanish and Portuguese speaking digital communication specialist and designer. Gustavo develops digital means of communication and content. From websites, newsletters, boardroom presentations, corporate documentation to social media and digital campaigns. Gustavo works for all our clients, but focuses on Latin America. Gustavo has a background in the manufacturing industry and the office world.

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