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Erwin Zijlstra

Organizational and communication strategist

Erwin has more than 20 years of experience in corporate and strategic communications and 10 years in strategy development. Before the start of WhatMatterZ in 2018, he held various management positions for Dutch, German and American (listed) organizations in the telecom, IT and manufacturing industry (B2B/B2C). including IT service provider Unisys, Specialty Materials manufacturer Avery Dennison and telecom company T-Mobile Netherlands.


Strategy work ranges from brand positioning, (OGSM) business strategy development and execution, change management, sustainability strategy, marketing excellence to setting up new businesses. 


Communication assignments vary from reputation management, corporate affairs, corporate communication, management communication, financial and ESG communication, crisis and issues management to content strategy. 


In addition to the manufacturing industry and ICT, Erwin often works for companies in construction and real estate project development. 

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