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10 Tips To Strategy: Make Your OGSM Work

Strategy sessions, annual operating plans—planning the business is in our corporate DNA. All of us have done them and sometimes, they’ve actually achieved what we wanted them to achieve. As business leaders, our hope is not that our strategy plans are internally focused, bound and placed on a shelf. 


Strategic Planning That Works: The ArchPoint OGSM Model at WhatMatterZ

Having a good strategic plan is imperative to survive in today's highly competitive global marketplace.

Business Meeting

The power of Corporate Communication and Leadership Communication

Corporate Communication or Corporate Affairs is becoming increasingly important within organizations. Why actually? What value does this feature add to management? 


Reaching a Deal

Seven communication rules for management during strategy implementation

After many months of strategy building, data analysis, workshops and working with external consultants, the executive team finally delivers a strategy for the next three years. But the initial enthusiasm soon wears off and a year later very little has come of the plan. 

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