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Hoffman Security

Development  growth plan and strategy Cybersecurity department gives Hoffmann focus

Hoffmann, a corporate fraud and cybersecurity company, wanted to determine which markets and products to invest in to grow. In addition, the cybersecurity department was looking for an integrated long-term strategy. The OGSM strategy process offered a solution for the cybersecurity unit. A different approach was chosen for the  grow program. 

The challenge


The relatively young Cybersecurity & Risk Management (CS&RM) departments of Hoffmann wanted to formulate a joint ambition and growth plan for the next four years. The integral strategic business plan had to include brand positioning, propositions and markets as well as the internal culture and organisation. For the Hoffmann-wide growth program, the focus was on identifying the growth areas with the greatest potential and a return on investment within two years. 


The solution

For CS and RM, we developed a SWOT analysis based on qualitative interviews and a market and competition analysis and issued advice. Our advice highlighted issues such as brand positioning, better market segmentation, sales and partnering approach, innovation of current and new propositions, marketing communication, process optimization and organizational policy. During a number of meetings, the core team developed an OGSM strategy plan with concrete objectives, KPIs, actions and timelines.


After interviews with the management and specialists, we developed a SWOT analysis for the growth program in combination with the market analysis. Subsequently, during strategy sessions, the focus areas were determined with this group on the basis of a growth matrix. This revealed which of the current propositions the company could grow faster in existing markets and in which new markets there are opportunities with the current portfolio. Another outcome was the identification of new propositions based on Hoffmann's current competencies and growing customer needs.



Two processes with partly overlapping and partly different objectives, but with one common outcome: arriving together as a team at an understandable and accepted result. In both cases, the analysis, the process and the plan offered new insights and clear choices. This provides a thorough basis for management to make well-considered decisions. Everyone who has gone through the process knows the trade-offs and has internalized the outcomes. And that is an essential condition for bringing about internal changes quickly and successfully.

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