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MATIV Global Specialty Materials 

Strategy communication, sustainability, distinctive marketing and NewsRoom 

For Mativ,  a world leader in specialty materials, we are active as strategy and strategic communication partner. From setting up a global COO office, marketing excellence program and global sustainability strategy to strategy communications and corporate NewsRoom management. 

The challenge


Like so many large globally operating organizations in the manufacturing industry, Mativ is also a collection of different companies and dozens of production locations. The organization operates in many markets with a wide variety of brands, products and workforce communities. The strategic issues and communication challenges lie at both company and division level.

The solution

WhatMatterZ is frequently used by Mativ at the intersection of strategy and communication, both as a project leader and supporter in implementation.   

  • Strategic programs

    • ESG strategy development

    • Marketing: Multi-Generational Product Planning & Product Roadmap

    • Development of global COO office after merger

    • Build value propositions and marketing strategy of new companies and brands

  • Communication

    • Setting up and managing the corporate NewsRoom 

    • Develop internal, external, corporate and thought leadership-content 

    • Management communication: developing mission, vision, strategy, company story and execution

  • Change

    • Marketing and communication transformation: strategy and organization 

    • Top 100 leadership engagement program

    • Change management and culture programs



Strategy specialists and strategy communication specialists are not always available internally: either the knowledge is lacking or there is insufficient capacity. Particularly at the start of a project, this can lead to major delays or wrong choices are made. By using WhatMatterZ, the process is accelerated and better decision-making is achieved. We ensure tight project management, internal coordination between stakeholders and we bring the voice of society, the market, customers, managers and employees into the project.  

In addition, many good programs and business strategies fail because communication and stakeholder management are inadequate. Because a strategy that no one has heard of, is incomprehensible and whose value is not felt, does not have the intended impact. We help Mativ with high-quality and sharply formulated strategy communication.


We can be deployed flexibly for Mativ and the various business units and because we now know Mativ from the inside, we achieve effective and efficient results.

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