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Clarity is a beautiful thing. That’s why we’re advocates of OGSM, a powerful strategic planning framework that drives alignment, focus, and clarity so all levels – from C-suite to customer service – know where they’re headed and how to get there.



Let OGSM lead the way.

A brief lesson on OGSM

The OGSM framework uses a concise one-page format for long-term (3-5 years) strategy development and execution.

OGSM stands for objectives, goals, strategies, and measures. It is designed to connect big picture strategic elements (mission, vision, values) to tactical operational elements necessary to achieve strategic success. It ensures work being done moves an organization towards its ultimate goals.

Procter & Gamble is widely credited with the development of the modern version of the OGSM framework, Since then OGSM has been used by Fortune 500 companies and thousands of smaller companies.

Direction-Setting Statement

Answers the question


Where are we going?

Answers the question

Choices made to achieve goals and objectives


How will we prioritize our choices?

Answers the question

Financial and operational performance goals


What must we accomplish financially?

Answers the question

Actions to achieve the strategies and metrics to track progress


How do we measure success?

We've helped many organizations develop and execute their strategies using OGSM.

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Don't know where to start?

Choosing that you are no longer satisfied with the status quo is easy. Knowing what to do next is hard. Our Strategy Jumpstart Workshop sets you off on the right foot for your strategic planning journey.

You can only judge the true quality of something by trying it for yourself.

We’re passionate believers in OGSM today because we experienced it when we were in your shoes — searching for solutions to aggressive growth goals, efficiency, and productivity problems or issues with people and culture — searching for a way to bring it all together, for clarity and a path to drive the business forward.


Ready to make your strategy work?

Strategic decisions are tough, so the framework for strategy must be simple. 

Learn how OGSM helps leaders navigate the complex world of strategy.

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