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Content & NewsRoom

Provide content and take control

Our strategic content creators are professionally mature and act as sparring partners for board members and staff departments. They have the competencies, sensitivity and strategic insights to create meaningful messaging across formats.

Strategic Communication

Mission, vision and purpose

Corporate narrative & message house

Management: vlogs, blogs, speeches 

Internal and external management presentations

Annual reports (financial and sustainability)

Corporate (press) announcements

Internal and external content

Case studies & testimonials

Vision and technical white papers

Press releases & opinion articles

intranet content

Social media content



Most organizations communicate through many departments with internal and external stakeholders: such as the PR department, marketing & sales, IR, HR and customer services. The NewsRoom is a strategic and operational partnership with the aim of directing the brand and reputation strategy, improving the quality and efficiency of all content.

Analyze and respond

Monitor and analyze what is coming at the organization. From political decisions, customer issues, interest groups, competitor or legal actions. An organized internal community can respond quickly and unambiguously across all channels. 

Reconciliation of outgoing communication

Matching short and long term communication needs of corporate and commercial planning. Sharpening the brand message of all communication and more effective use of communication channels. 


By sharing best practices, suppliers, software platforms and content, a continuous improvement process is created. This saves duplication, prevents errors, ensures better budget allocation and improves quality. 

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