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Grow members and more influence sector organization through positioning and strategy planning

Branch organization NLdigital wanted to grow in influence and membership. Together we developed the (brand) positioning, the strategic plan (OGSM) and an organizational model, so that the company can better respond to the future.

The challenge


Due to the rapid change in the ICT market, there was a growing need for a clear future perspective for the industry association NLdigital. While on the one hand membership of a sector organization in the Netherlands is less and less self-evident, the ICT market and the digital market are growing and expanding. New organizations that were not easily inclined to join a trade association are now doing so. What role should NLdigital take in the future? What is the ambition and which services are in line with this? And how do you ensure that those ambitions are also fulfilled? NLdigital asked WhatMatterZ to develop a future-proof strategy and organization and to start the transformation.


The solution


NLdigital has started a strategic process together with WhatMatterZ. The future (brand) positioning, reputation, the strategic three-year plan based on the OGSM method, the organizational structure and internal management of the office were examined. 

During the project, the entire organization is intensively involved in the progress and decisions. strategy workshop with management and internal specialists. During this workshop, the long-term objectives, KPIs and four strategic principles were determined. In addition, the most important projects have been defined for each strategy, including timeframe and responsibilities. During the elaboration phase, work was done on the further detailing and substantiation of the strategy.

Because the organization made a major strategic turn, an internal organizational strategy has been added to the OGSM. Together with WhatMatterZ, the structure, management, decision-making, skills and capacity of the organization were examined and the first changes were implemented. ​

The result


The organization has a clear vision of the future, a brand positioning and a clear focus on growth and impact. The new organization is now better able to execute the strategy. The allocation of people, resources, budgets and the chances of project success have been greatly improved. By using OGSM tools, management also has a greater focus on managing the long-term strategy. In addition, the priorities and responsibilities in the organization are clearer. As a result of the new positioning, Nederland ICT was given a new name: NLdigital.   

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