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Strategy & Change

Vision, focus and discipline
through OGSM Strategy Planning 

In strategy development or transformation, we offer a fresh external view, sharp analysis, new insights and focus, best practices and good project management. Together we develop the future with the standard in strategy planning: OGSM.

Visit our OGSM pages for more information. 

Strategy for organizations, business units and support functions

Formulate purpose, vision, mission, ambition and (brand) positioning. 

Organizational goals such as financial and personnel goals, customer growth and sustainable KPIs. 

Strategic and operational multi-year plan: products, processes and markets.

Professionalization: costs, quality, customer satisfaction and processes.

Vision of the future organizational model and employee policy. 

Examples of strategic projects

(Re)development and introduction of products, brands or services.

Development of ESG and sustainability strategy. 

Transformation projects such as repositioning, reorganizations, acquisitions.

Organizational culture

Strategy management

70% of strategy processes fail partly or completely in the implementation phase. We train and coach management teams in how to effectively deliver their strategic plan, giving them the right tools to succeed.

Develop an effective strategy with OGSM

When you're planning, it can be difficult to develop a clear roadmap to navigate economic and competitive headwinds. Our approach quickly uncovers core issues and puts a clear plan in place to serve as a guiding light to propel your organization forward.

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