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T Systems

Reputation strategy T-Systems and development proposition new consultancy organization 

Digital transformation investment decisions are shifting from the IT organization to the boardroom. A reassessment of the positioning and vision of reputation became necessary for T-Systems. 

The challenge


T-Systems customers, such as Heineken, FrieslandCampina and Shell, are increasingly seeking advice and support for the digital transformation of their operations and business. T-Systems, European market leader in ICT services, was not yet sufficiently seen as an innovator in the field of digital transformation, while the experience in this field is enormous. The organization also wanted to be seen more as a discussion partner in this market. A new positioning with a clear story to the own organization and the market was therefore necessary. As well as a plan to gradually change the perception and position in the market.  


The solution


WhatMatterZ operated as a strategic partner of the marketing organization in the development of strategy, processes and content. A thorough SWOT analysis of the local and international organization provided a clear picture of where the opportunities lay for the organization in terms of positioning, market segmentation and reputation themes. 


This advice formed the input for the marketing strategy and the basis for the internal and external brand story and the communicative framework. To accelerate the growth of digital transformation services, the organization decided to launch a separate business unit: Digital Solutions. WhatMatterZ developed the positioning, marketing strategy and company story for the new business. In addition, we jointly developed the first product marketing strategy for 5G and a plan for strategic marketing and thought leadership. We also wrote a vision for the future of the marketing department and supported the implementation of their communication strategy such as social media blogs for the general manager, press releases and content for paid media. 



As with many technology companies, T-Systems has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the value of technology for organizations. That knowledge and experience is an untapped brand potential that is insufficiently used due to the daily hectic pace and about which there is insufficient communication. By taking a fresh look at market trends, studying the strength of the organization and analyzing customer demand, new insights and opportunities arose. Insights that formed the basis for the long-term marketing and communication strategy.

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